How NOT to Make a Palm Cross

Every year I get a palm on Palm Sunday. Invariably, at least one of my students (that are quite young) will bring a palm to class. While I am teaching, the child will make a palm cross in a matter of minutes. Being an insomniac, I thought that I would make good use of my […]

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Do you believe in affirmations to get you to where you want to be?  I do.  So I thought. Recently I taped an affirmation on my desk (it is an old farmhouse table).  I put a lot of thought into it.  So what is stopping me from saying it, or reading it?  Is it that […]

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Self Image

We all have been here.  We feel as though we are having a “bad hair day” or we feel like nothing looks good on us.  I recently learned a good lesson to remember when I am having one of those days.  This past week I went by to see my girlfriend, Lucy.  (She is absolutely […]

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d Bar Desserts

My family and I usually pick a destination for our vacation.  There are four of us in this decision making process so it takes a few heated discussions to select our destination.  This was not the case this year. For the past two years my eight year old daughter has been recording every television show […]

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