Il Posto

When I hear the words “Italian Food”, I immediately think of Il Posto at 2011 E 17th Ave, Denver (17th and Race).  It is hard to find amazing Italian food.  I lived in Italy while I was a teenager and have traveled back several times to visit friends.  I use to think that there were no Denver restaurants that serve authentic Italian food, that was until I ate at Il Posto.  If you want a restaurant where you are greeted by the Owner, Andrea, and are treated like you are his only guest, then this is the place to have lunch (Monday – Friday) or dinner.  The menu changes daily so I won’t even tell you what to order until it comes to dessert.  I love his dessert called Bombolini!  It looks like small round donuts. Yum!  I can not describe them other then they alone, are worth the trip!  If you have an opportunity to visit the restaurant, let me know what you think of Andrea’s food.  I would strongly recommend using in order to get a table without waiting on a Friday or Saturday night.

One thought on “Il Posto

  1. Buon giorno! My name is Tara and my husband is Andrea Frizzi, chef/owner of Il Posto… I just wanted to thank you for your post about the restaurant. Of course, I am completely biased but I completely agree 🙂 It’s because of wonderful guests like you that we are in the restaurant business to begin with. Also, on a side note, we recently visited Andrea’s family in Milan (my first time meeting the in-laws!) and it was there that I realized how completely spoiled I am! It was hard to be impressed by the food in Italy when I am fortunate to eat authentic Italian here in Denver at Il Posto… And as for the bombolini, those little treats are just one of the reasons that I fell for Andrea in the first place! Hope to see you again soon!

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