Lost My Car

Last night I lost my car.  Well, I guess I should restate that statement.  I forgot where I had parked my car.  Now, I am not one to lose my keys, my checkbook, or my sun glasses but my car is a different story.  I know what you are thinking – “How hard is it to remember where you parked your car?” or maybe you are thinking  “You should park in the same general area so that it would be easy to find your car.”  It is not that simple.  I find that I am not the only one that this happens to.  My friend, Cimino, lost his car one day.  I was able to watch him search frantically for his car from my office window.  (Yes, I did laugh at him while he was looking for his car!) 

So my question to you is “Why hasn’t a Cell Phone Company designed an application that will help people like me?”  All we need is a device to place on our keys that will transmit a picture to our cell phone.  The picture would show us where our car is located.  I asked my husband this very question seeing as he is a GM for Land Rover.  He told me that the key has an alarm on it.  Well, that doesn’t always work.  It only works if you are in hearing range.  So, if you know how to design such an application for a Cell Phone Company, count me in to purchase it.  I will be referring Cimino as well!

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