Cupcakes out of this World!

Really, what the title should read is “Frosting out of this World”! 

Nothing beats homemade frosting, that is unless you are eating the frosting off of a cupcake from “Happy Cakes Bakeshop”.  A few years ago I was introduced to “Happy Cakes” by my photographer.  When I was in her studio she told me how she and her girlfriends drive several minutes to attend “Happy Hour” at “Happy Cakes”.  “Happy Hour” consists of eating just the frosting.  I thought it was crazy, but I love good bakeries.  So I drove from the Denver Tech Center to the Highlands just to purchase a cupcake. 

You are probably asking “What is so special about the frosting?’  The frosting is probably better than any frosting I have ever eaten.  Sad to say, even better than my mom’s.  That means it is outrageously delicious!  It melts in your mouth.  It is not too sweet.  It has great texture and it is made from scratch.  Unfortunately, I am not doing it justice with my description of how it tastes because it is much better.  

The next time you need a unique gift for someone special then think of “Happy Cakes Bakeshop”.  The person will be very surprised and pleased.  A word of warning, make sure you go early in the day or place an order for your cupcakes because this is a well sought after business.  

Happy Cakes Bakeshop is located at 3815 W. 32nd Ave, Denver, Colorado 80211.  The phone number is 303.477.3556.  The web page is The bakeshop is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Just as a reminder – Mother’s Day is next weekend.

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