Cinco de Mayo Celebration

I thought it would be fitting to highlight some restaurants that serve delicious authentic food seeing as today is Cinco de Mayo.  I called my good friend, Enrique, to get his suggestions as well as give you my own.  Come to find out, we like the same restaurants.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • El Tapatio is located at 7301 W. Alemeda Ave, Unit A, Denver Colorado.  The phone number is 303.239.9872.
  • El Paraiso is located at 4690 Harlan St, Denver, CO 80212.  The phone number is 303.480.0479.
  • Los Arcos Restaurant has two locations.  One is located in Lone Tree at 9045 Forsstrom Dr, Lone Tree, CO 80124 (The other Los Arcos is located in Westminster – Phone 303.426.8523)  Their phone number is 303.858.8860.

So if you want some great authentic food and don’t want to go downtown to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend, then try one of our suggestions.   Happy Cinco de May!

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