Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

I woke up this morning thinking about all the great moms that I know.  I was thinking about the gifts they give on a daily basis to their children and to everyone they interact with. 

I first have to start with my mom.  She gave my brothers, sisters and I the gift of “having fun”.  She could actually make it fun washing the dishes!  I remember dancing and singing a lot with my mom and siblings in the kitchen.  Thanks Mom for teaching me how to have fun!  Thanks to you, I have fun on a daily basis!

My mother-in-law suddenly passed away a couple of months ago.  I think of her often.  She raised four children on her own and not by choice. The story that stands out the most in my mind is how she sold her washer and dryer to pay the bills and to feed her children.  She had a very hard life but never blamed any one for it and was never bitter.  She raised the most wonderful man I know – my husband!  So I am paying a tribute to her. 

I then think of the following great women:

  • My sister, Terri.  I consult with her on a daily basis.  She is as good of a teacher as “Dr. Spock” himself.  She is an amazing mom and sister!
  • My sister, Anna.  She reminds me of my mom.  She can bring fun to any situation.  Her daughter is very lucky!  
  • My best friend, Jane.  I don’t know any one else that is ever-growing and ever-changing as a mom, wife, and friend.  I love her!
  • My girlfriend Joanne.  She is so even-tempered and has an enormous capacity to love.  I try to learn from her every time we are together.
  • My girlfriend Libby.  She reminds me of a younger version of my girlfriend Joanne. (Libby, Iris should be in baby magazines!)
  • My girlfriend Carrie.  I don’t know anyone that laughs as much as Carrie!  Her laugh is highly contagious.  She has the ability to laugh even at the most stressful times.  I love her laugh!
  • Last, but not at all least, is Kim.  She is my daughter’s teacher.  I don’t know anyone that has her abilities.  She is firm, kind, patient, and fun all at the same time.  My daughter is so lucky to have her as a role model!  I hope she learns how to achieve the same qualities as Kim.

I didn’t have the time and space to mention all of the wonderful moms that I know.  I want to thank all the moms for having the wisdom, patience, love, and kindness that is necessary to raise children with strong self-esteem.  You make this world a better place! 

Please don’t celebrate yourself and your friends just on Mother’s Day.  If you are lucky enough to be a mom, then every day is Mother’s day!

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. There’s a woman I know named Linda….Whose incredible zeal for the Lord, life, family and friends made an incredible impact on the lives of ALL who encountered her!! Thank you Linda for being a positive influence in my life!!

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