d Bar Desserts

My family and I usually pick a destination for our vacation.  There are four of us in this decision making process so it takes a few heated discussions to select our destination.  This was not the case this year.

For the past two years my eight year old daughter has been recording every television show that has anything to do with desserts.  Her two favorite shows are Food Network’s  “Challenge” and “Cup Cake Wars”.  My husband and I have allowed her to use all of our memory on our DVD because she wants to become a pastry chef when she graduates from High School.  So this year I came up with the idea that we would stay in town and visit at least one, if not two, dessert shops a day.  Boy was it the vacation to remember!

We started our trip at “d Bar Desserts”.  I called the day we were to visit “d Bar Desserts” and spoke to Lisa (one of the owners and pastry chef’s of d Bar Desserts).  I explained to her that we were spending our summer vacation traveling to the best dessert spots in town in order to show our daughter what it would mean for her to be a pastry chef.  Lisa could not have been any kinder.  She set up a time for my family and I to visit with her and her husband, Keegan (Judge on the “Challenge”) at d Bar Desserts.

When we arrived Lisa and Keegan greeted us at the door.  Keegan spoke to our daughter about their business, what they do on a daily basis, and how they started in the business.  Keegan and Lisa spent more time with us then what we ever anticipated.  We had dinner and dessert.  The kindness they showed, the food that we were served, and the memories they created for my family (especially our daughter) was priceless!

“Life is not a dress rehearsal, so create one exquisite moment a day.”  d Bar Desserts will be the place that will help you create that one “Exquisite moment”!

They are located at:

1475 E 17th Ave

Denver, CO 80218

(303) 861-4710

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