How NOT to Make a Palm Cross

Every year I get a palm on Palm Sunday. Invariably, at least one of my students (that are quite young) will bring a palm to class. While I am teaching, the child will make a palm cross in a matter of minutes. Being an insomniac, I thought that I would make good use of my extra time and learn how to make a palm cross. What I ended up learning were two hard lessons!

The first, is that I can’t follow simple instructions. I went on a couple of websites that had written step by step instructions. I failed miserably! So I decided to find a website that had step by step instructions with diagrams. I was still unsuccessful. The more I tried, the more determined I became to make the cross. After searching several websites, I finally found one that had step by step instructions, a diagram, and a video! Thank God (and I mean literally speaking) that he created the person who invented videos and the person who had the knowledge to post them on the internet. I was finally successful. It doesn’t look pretty like the one on the video, but just the same it’s a palm cross.

The second, is that children should be in charge of more difficult tasks than making up their beds and cleaning their rooms. They are brilliant! Starting tomorrow, I am going to start using my children’s brains to solve problems that I seem to have difficulty with. I am confident that they will come up with viable solutions and their advice will be free of charge!

Everyone out there who needs step by step instructions, diagrams, and a video, this link is for you!

Good Luck & Blessings!

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