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Okay, so why should I talk about professionals today?  Well my girlfriend, Chris, and I had a long discussion on this topic yesterday.  Why?  Because of what happened to Enrique.  Enrique, who owns Sosa’s Home Design, gave a bid on painting the exterior of a home.  The Home Owners expressed to him that his bid was too high and so they were going to use the less expensive company.   

I watched this company paint their home for two days.  They started painting the home on day one and were finished with the project by day two.  The Home Owners did not take a few factors into account before making their decision.  The reason Enrique’s bid is higher than the other company’s is because Enrique simply does more work.  He is someone who takes pride in his work and charges an appropriate price based on the work he must complete.  Enrique starts the job by power washing the home.  He then repairs any damages and scrapes off paint wherever it is needed.  He usually starts painting on day three.  If you go with a professional painter the job will normally take about a week (it can take longer if the home is painted more than two colors or if there is a lot of damage to the home). 

It is human nature to want a bargain.  I know I always do.  Keep in mind what services both companies offer with their bid.  It is hard to make an educated decision without all the information.  When you go with a company based solely on price, the job will usually end up costing you more. 

Going back to my story – the painters painted on a dirty home.  The paint will last longer on a home that was properly prepared for paint.  (Remember paint warranties are good only if the paint was applied properly.)

You can apply this philosophy to any field.  Here is another example that comes up often.  I know two amazing Real Estate Agents, Chris and Craig.  They charge a minimum fee of 6% (2.8% goes to the Buyer’s Agent and 3.2% goes to the Listing Agent) to list a home.  The reason, is because they want to have enough funds to properly market the home and earn a pay check.  They make sure that their listing gets the most exposure to the greatest audience.  What Sellers don’t know is that many companies take at least a third of the Agent’s commission as soon as the transaction closes.  The Real Estate Agent then uses the remainder of his/her commission to pay off all of the costs that were incurred to successfully close the transaction (marketing costs and business expenses) and to pay themselves a paycheck.  When a Home Owner does not hire a professional (like Chris and Craig) and solely hires based on cost, they end up having their home on the market for a longer period of time.  The end result is usually a lower selling price.  (Less money in the Sellers” pocket.)  

Make sure you hire a “Professional” whether you are selling your home, doing improvements on your home, or buying a car.  It will save you money in the long run!  Also, make sure you are a competent interviewer.   

Good luck interviewing and with your purchase!


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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

I woke up this morning thinking about all the great moms that I know.  I was thinking about the gifts they give on a daily basis to their children and to everyone they interact with. 

I first have to start with my mom.  She gave my brothers, sisters and I the gift of “having fun”.  She could actually make it fun washing the dishes!  I remember dancing and singing a lot with my mom and siblings in the kitchen.  Thanks Mom for teaching me how to have fun!  Thanks to you, I have fun on a daily basis!

My mother-in-law suddenly passed away a couple of months ago.  I think of her often.  She raised four children on her own and not by choice. The story that stands out the most in my mind is how she sold her washer and dryer to pay the bills and to feed her children.  She had a very hard life but never blamed any one for it and was never bitter.  She raised the most wonderful man I know – my husband!  So I am paying a tribute to her. 

I then think of the following great women:

  • My sister, Terri.  I consult with her on a daily basis.  She is as good of a teacher as “Dr. Spock” himself.  She is an amazing mom and sister!
  • My sister, Anna.  She reminds me of my mom.  She can bring fun to any situation.  Her daughter is very lucky!  
  • My best friend, Jane.  I don’t know any one else that is ever-growing and ever-changing as a mom, wife, and friend.  I love her!
  • My girlfriend Joanne.  She is so even-tempered and has an enormous capacity to love.  I try to learn from her every time we are together.
  • My girlfriend Libby.  She reminds me of a younger version of my girlfriend Joanne. (Libby, Iris should be in baby magazines!)
  • My girlfriend Carrie.  I don’t know anyone that laughs as much as Carrie!  Her laugh is highly contagious.  She has the ability to laugh even at the most stressful times.  I love her laugh!
  • Last, but not at all least, is Kim.  She is my daughter’s teacher.  I don’t know anyone that has her abilities.  She is firm, kind, patient, and fun all at the same time.  My daughter is so lucky to have her as a role model!  I hope she learns how to achieve the same qualities as Kim.

I didn’t have the time and space to mention all of the wonderful moms that I know.  I want to thank all the moms for having the wisdom, patience, love, and kindness that is necessary to raise children with strong self-esteem.  You make this world a better place! 

Please don’t celebrate yourself and your friends just on Mother’s Day.  If you are lucky enough to be a mom, then every day is Mother’s day!

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Sewing 101

Two secrets I have learned about sewing.  The first, is in order for you to be good at sewing you must practice, practice, and then even a little more practice.  The second secret is that you need some basic knowledge or you need to know someone who does.

This is where Debbie (at Denver Fabrics) comes in.  Last weekend I was shopping for fabric to be used to make a skirt for my “Farm House”  table that I am using as a desk in my office.  I approached Debbie for assistance and what a “God Send” she was!  I told her what I was trying to accomplish when she shared with me several short cuts.  The short cuts were not only how to get the job done, but how to do it with ease and to have beautiful results.

Debbie, introduced me to upholstery tacks and how to take advantage of the fringe at the bottom of the material.  I ended up with a wonderful desk due to Debbie being extremely knowledgeable and a sincere desire to help someone with little to no sewing skills!

(Debbie, I hope you are reading this because I want you to know that I truly appreciate you for your knowledge, sense of humor, and grace!)

Denver Fabrics is located at 2777 W Belleview Ave, Littleton, Colorado (Northwest corner of Prince and Belleview).  The store is open from the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday and the hours of 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.  The phone number is 303.730.2777.   Enjoy shopping with Debbie!

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Recent Events

Death is an awkward topic.  As an adult you either have experienced a loss or not.  I was never comfortable speaking to someone who just experienced a loss because I always felt that I would make matters worse by saying the wrong thing to the person.  I have been very fortunate because it has been over twenty-five years since I have had anyone close to me die. The reason I am writing about this today is because I have just experienced three deaths in a short period of time (a good friend, my Aunt who I spent summers with, and my mother-in-law) and am now comfortable consoling someone with a loss.

Plain and simple of what to do if you are uncomfortable with the subject.  Just simply speak what you are feeling to the person.  Don’t worry about what to say to the person to help them feel better.  Just say what you are feeling.  Because truth be told, the person just wants to know you care about them.  Plain and simple!

I will always love them and miss them during different times of the day  (Kenny, Aunt Ruth, and Mary), but after taking a few weeks off I am now ready to get back to talking (blogging) to you.

Wishing you blessings and happiness!

The Connector

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Have you ever had one of those days that everything seemed “Off”?  Well, that is how I am feeling today.  I would like to say it is because I have too many appointments with Clients today, but I would be lying.  Normally when I have so many things to do, I become ultra organized with my day.  Not today.  I know what you are thinking “Then maybe you should not be blogging today”.  I was thinking the opposite.  Maybe if I blog, then I will somehow get back on course of my “Want to’s, Have to’s, and Maybe’s”.   

On days like this, I often think of the Italian  word “Domani” which means “Tomorrow”.  I guess I have tomorrow to complete my “To Do” list.  Thank goodness I only feel like this a couple days out of the year!

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Lost My Car

Last night I lost my car.  Well, I guess I should restate that statement.  I forgot where I had parked my car.  Now, I am not one to lose my keys, my checkbook, or my sun glasses but my car is a different story.  I know what you are thinking – “How hard is it to remember where you parked your car?” or maybe you are thinking  “You should park in the same general area so that it would be easy to find your car.”  It is not that simple.  I find that I am not the only one that this happens to.  My friend, Cimino, lost his car one day.  I was able to watch him search frantically for his car from my office window.  (Yes, I did laugh at him while he was looking for his car!) 

So my question to you is “Why hasn’t a Cell Phone Company designed an application that will help people like me?”  All we need is a device to place on our keys that will transmit a picture to our cell phone.  The picture would show us where our car is located.  I asked my husband this very question seeing as he is a GM for Land Rover.  He told me that the key has an alarm on it.  Well, that doesn’t always work.  It only works if you are in hearing range.  So, if you know how to design such an application for a Cell Phone Company, count me in to purchase it.  I will be referring Cimino as well!

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Let’s Chat

I have always wanted to be a writer.  Little did I know that it would be in the form of a Blog.  What has propted me to create a blog at this time of my life is that I’m finding that my philosophy on Real Estate is quite different than many in my Industry.  Yes I am a Realtor.  One who owns an Interior Decorating company.

I am finding (the longer I am a Realtor) that Agents feel that Residential Real Estate is about helping their Client(s) buy or sell a home.  While other Agents merely think of it as a transaction to get a paycheck.  To me, Real Estate is much more.  It is about having an abundant life.  It encompasses where a person dreams, creates hopes, and returns to at the end of the day to unwind.  My blog is based on this belief.  It is all about your home and where you can shop to create it as you would like.  It is about answering questions about your home.  It is also about answering the Real Estate questions that you have, but never asked because of being afraid that a Realtor would call you long after your questions were answered.  Lastly, my blog is about wonderful restaurants to go to when you just want to get away

I look forward to connecting you to great businesses.

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