d Bar Desserts

My family and I usually pick a destination for our vacation.  There are four of us in this decision making process so it takes a few heated discussions to select our destination.  This was not the case this year. For the past two years my eight year old daughter has been recording every television show […]

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Cinco de Mayo Celebration

I thought it would be fitting to highlight some restaurants that serve delicious authentic food seeing as today is Cinco de Mayo.  I called my good friend, Enrique, to get his suggestions as well as give you my own.  Come to find out, we like the same restaurants.  Here are a few of our favorites: El Tapatio is located at […]

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Cupcakes out of this World!

Really, what the title should read is “Frosting out of this World”!  Nothing beats homemade frosting, that is unless you are eating the frosting off of a cupcake from “Happy Cakes Bakeshop”.  A few years ago I was introduced to “Happy Cakes” by my photographer.  When I was in her studio she told me how she and […]

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Il Posto

I use to think that there were no Denver restaurants that served authentic Italian food, that was until I ate at Il Posto.

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