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Fashion from the runway to the stores, what a great concept!

The high-end stores (Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom) have the fashions available soon after they appear on the runway, but there are a few affordable stores that have them fairly quickly as well. Target, the Gap, and Anthropologie seem to be the quickest to get them on the shelves.

1st “must have” Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Jeans are jeans with patches. Of course, none compare to the Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren jeans ($398) that I think I saw in Glamour magazine. They are beautiful! I tried to locate something similar, but couldn’t find anything like them! I even searched on-line and in local stores, but no luck. So I decided to copy the concept and make them myself. I use the word “make” very loosely. Attached is a picture of the Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren jeans so you can see what I have been searching for.

2nd “must have” are jeans that have a metallic look. I bought a pair last Fall at Guess. I really like how they fit so I wore them quite often. This season (2014), I found a comparable pair at Target (right now, August 21, 2014, you can purchase the second pair for 50% off, which brought them down to around $22.00). The jeans are actually jean leggings. They look and fit great. They are part of the Mossimo collection and they come in three colors, which are black, navy, and burgundy. I bought the burgundy color (one of my most favorite colors). Now all I have to do is wait for the cooler weather. It will be here before I know it!


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Anyone that knows me knows that I am all about the bling and wearing fashionable clothing that I won’t see on someone else.  I love purchasing a beautiful outfit knowing that none of my wonderful girlfriends are wearing the same outfit too.

If this statement is true for you, then boy do I have a great store for you!  It is called Rosey’s.  It is located in the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree Colorado.  Normally when I think of malls (no matter how nice they are), I think of clothes that are massed produced.  They may have great style, but inorder to get close to a “one of a kind” outfit, then you have to “break the piggy bank”.  Not at Rosey’s.  I bought some amazing sweaters yesterday that Rosey purchased in Paris.  I loved the style, the material, and especially the price!

While I was shopping, several of the Sales Staff and Management showed me numerous beautiful articles of clothing.  I loved the fact that it was not a store where only one sales person would pay attention to a customer.  I was able to get numerous ideas of what to wear my new sweaters with.  The Sales Team were dressed in great style and had beautiful personalities.  No stuffy people here!

Lastly, I would like you to know about Rosey.  Rosey, came out to meet me while I was shopping.  I cared for her instantly because she is what we all strive to be, which is confident, caring, kind and to make a difference in the world.  She has amazing taste as well as an amazing spirit!  After meeting her, I am now inspired to do something that I have always wanted to do, which is write a book.  Even if you don’t need a new outfit today, stop by and meet Rosey and her team.  They will have a positive impact on your life!  (Plus it is fun to make a wish list of all of the things you would like to buy in the near future!)

Blessings Girlfriend!

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Michele’s Watches

I was shopping for a watch yesterday from my favorite salesperson at Nordstrom (Sandy) when the Michele watches caught my eye.  If you have never seen a Michele watch then you are missing out!  They are bling to the nth degree!  They have diamonds surrounding the face of the watch and the bands come in all colors.  They even have bands with diamonds on them!  I have been wanting a Michele watch for a long time but it has not been a possibility.

While looking at the watches, a darling woman named Gloria came up to speak to Sandy.  Sandy introduced me to Gloria explaining that she has 12 (twelve) Michele watches.  Twelve!  I didn’t know whether to smile out of amazement or cry out of jealousy.  I ended up smiling because I am always in awe of women that love the bling and can wear it well.  Well, Gloria is that person.  Gloria actually reminds me of a Michele watch.  She is beautiful, has many facets to her personality (she gave me great child rearing advice), and is someone I could spend many hours with.   So instead of spending time window shopping for a Michele watch, I ended up getting to meet someone who wears a Michele watch very well.  Blessings to you Gloria and thank you for a memorable moment!

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A few weeks ago I was looking for some chairs.  I needed to purchase one for my new office and one for my Client’s vanity.  I wanted chairs that had some flair, were beautiful, and of course – unique (nothing mass produced)

There are very few businesses that sell furniture that fit my criteria, which is why Amy is my “Go-To-Girl” .  Let’s talk about Amy’s business first.  Amy owns a business called “White Wash”.  (Yes, it is a very cool name!!!)  Now, I know how to buy right, but the wonderful Amy knows how to design right!  Amy’s furniture and accessories remind me of Rachel Ashwell’s creations.  Everything Amy touches is beautiful, timeless, and affordable!   If you need something beautiful and affordable then start your search with Amy. 

Let’s talk about Amy.  She is so humble about her creations!  Her work is “Over-the-Top” and she will blush if you mention this to her.  I have been in love of beautiful furnishing since growing up in the countryside of Italy.  Her work is as beautiful as anything I have ever seen there.  She doesn’t believe me when I tell her how great her work is (she is so humble, humble, humble and so very kind). 

Whether you are looking for a desk, a vanity, chairs, or just home accessories, she should be your  “Go-to-Girl“.  Here is how to contact her:

  • Amy has her business at “Paris Street Market” (Aspen Grove) on the first Saturday of the month during the summer (June – October)
  • Schedule an appointment with her by calling her at 714.244.0289 (she is a California Girl transplanted here)
  • Emailing her at amy6smith@msn.com

Have a great time shopping from her!

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When I am not selling homes, I am usually shopping for home accessories for Clients.  That is unless I have just purchased a new home.  With every new home, I purchase additional items that will go with the new decor that I am about to create.  Well, yesterday was that day. 

I started my search for items at the Barn (in Castle Rock).  Little did Renee’ know that when she went into work (at the Barn) that it was going to be a busy day.  Have you ever met someone in a store that couldn’t be any kinder and extremely knowledgable?  Well that is Renee’ Brown.  I went shopping for mirrors because I envisioned antique mirrors lining my staircase.  I wanted all colors and all sizes.  I had selected four mirrors but struggled with the last mirror, that was until Renee’ stepped in.  She spent so much time with me.  Now that probably doesn’t mean anything to you unless you know how she spent her time. 

Not only did she help me successfully select my last mirror, but she carried numerous chairs down steep stairs (one side of the Barn has steep stairs).  Every time I tried to carry something down the stairs, Renee’ quickly took the lead so that I would not have to.  If you want service, great advice, and to spend time with someone extremely enjoyable, then go by and see Renee’.  (And yes, she has a booth with wonderful clothes & home accessories!)

Renee’ can be reached at reneebrown@q.com  You can also reach her at the “Barn” at 303.814.0066.  The address is 400 Third St, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

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I was recently in need of a desk.  Seeing as my office is filled with Italian and French antiques I wanted to shop for a desk that would match my decor.  I wanted an antique table that was in good shape, reasonably priced, and something that I could add my own personal touch to.  Well the hunt was on! 

I went to numerous places in Metro Denver and found nothing.  So I went down to “The Barn” in Castle Rock.  Wow, was that an expensive hunt!  Not because my table was expensive, but because I found so many other wonderful items for my office.  Almost everything there was in wonderful condition and priced extremely well.   Thank goodness Enrique, the Owner of Sosa’s Home Design, called me to tell me he needed my assitance at the Interior Design job that we are currently working on.  If he hadn’t called me, then I would still be shopping. 

If you haven’t been there for a while or have never shopped there then I would make the trip.  All but one vendor had wonderful items at great prices.  One vendor was, in my opinion, too expensive and really needed to be in a different store.  Start your hunt for your items at the Barn.  If you don’t see what you are looking then make sure you ask the Ladies at the counter for the item because I bet they have it in their storage unit.

“The Barn” is located at 400 3rd Street, Castle Rock, Colorado.  It is one street over from Wilcox (the main street), on the corner of Perry & 3rd.  Their phone number is 303.814.0066.   Make sure you have given yourself ample time to shop because you will need it!

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Used Cars

With our economy as it is, most people are purchasing “Used Cars” instead of “New”.  The fear is always “Is this car going to be a lemon?”  or “Where do I go to speak with a Dealer/Broker to request a specific Make and Model?”

I finally know such a person.  He is trust worthy, reasonably priced, dependable, and very likable.  All the qualities you want someone to have that you are about to purchase a “Used Car” from.

I am very fortunate to know Nick Hutchinson.  He is so enjoyable to be around that you forget that you are actually doing business when you are with him.  Nick is located at 15000 W. 6th Ave, Suite 106, in Golden, Colorado.  His phone number is 303.800.2030.

So next time you are in need of a “Used Car”, don’t leave your purchase to chance, call Nick!

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