Do you believe in affirmations to get you to where you want to be?  I do.  So I thought.

Recently I taped an affirmation on my desk (it is an old farmhouse table).  I put a lot of thought into it.  So what is stopping me from saying it, or reading it?  Is it that it is not the right one for me?  Is it that I have limited time?  I don’t know.  What I do know is because of my belief that affirmations get you to where you want to be, I better figure it out fast!  Yikes!


Self Image

We all have been here.  We feel as though we are having a “bad hair day” or we feel like nothing looks good on us.  I recently learned a good lesson to remember when I am having one of those days.  This past week I went by to see my girlfriend, Lucy.  (She is absolutely beautiful, her laugh is contagious, and she has a spirit like no other.)  She was having one of those days.  As she was describing how she was feeling, I quickly realized that I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying.  I was paying attention to how beautiful she looked.  This is when I had my “uh hah” moment.  I learned that the world doesn’t see us through our eyes (thank goodness).  The world sees us for who we truly are.  So the next time you are feeling the blah’s, don’t!  Just remember the story about my beautiful girlfriend Lucy!

  1. Avoid going at the end of the month.  85% of the population procrastinate and you will be right there with them for a LONG time!
  2. Avoid going at the end of the day.  Seems like everyone’s boss let’s them get off early.
  3. Go with a good attitude.  I did and I got to meet the most amazing DMV employee.  Her nickname “was “Cougar Mama”. It fit her well!!!
  4. Make sure you check to see if you need an emission sticker.  If you don’t check, you will be returning to the DMV to get your license!
  5. Bring your favorite  magazine, a good book, a friend, or download a game to your phone.  If you come empty handed, all you will be left with is people and clock watching.

I love shopping.  Most people think I love to shop because of being able to purchase a new item.  This is actually not the case.  I love shopping because invariably every time I go shopping I meet the most interesting people and see the latest fashion.  (I mean interesting in a good way.)

I was in Colorado Springs yesterday visiting my family.  It was a typical Sunday.  A day where all of the men in my family were watching a full day of football.  Now I have nothing against football, but my limit is about two hours (one hour of eating delicious snacks while watching the game and the other hour spent taking a nap while pretending to watch football).  After putting in my two hours, I decided to go to my favorite store to see what was new this season.

The store is called Terra Verde.  Terra Verde is a beautiful privately owned boutique that sales unique home goods as well as up-to-date fashion, shoes, and accessories.  I love visiting Terra Verde because the entire staff understands the mentality of a boutique shopper.  As a boutique shopper, I like great customer service (the kind that you get from Nordstrom sales people), fashion that very few people will be wearing, and affordable prices.  This, in a nut shell, describes Terra Verde.

The sales associates know this season’s “must haves”.  I bought leg lingerie yesterday in three colors (white, antique beige, and black).  You ask what is leg lingerie?  Well it is lace that you wear under your fashion boot (ankle boot, Frye boot, tall boot, etc) but shows slightly above the top of your boot so that people can see it.  You can wear it on bare legs or you can wear it over your jeggings (just below the knee, but above your boot).  It brings another dimension to your fashion!  This is what I like about Terra Verde.  When you want fashion that is fashion forward or you want an outfit that you won’t see repeatedly on another person, then Terra Verde is the boutique for you!

Enjoy the Fall season!

Okay, I picked up a new trick yesterday on staining linens.  Years ago, I successfully mastered staining my linens with tea so that they have an antiqued look.  Yesterday, while I was visiting my all time favorite store called “Terra Verde”, I met the most fascinating person named Lonn.

Lonn and I were talking about how we like rooms in a home to have unexpected items as well as antiques mixed with new furniture and accessories.  He shared with me that he had a porch swing as a couch in his home.  (I have to admit, the minute he told me about the porch swing, he had my full undivided attention!)  The longer we talked, the more interesting the conversation went (of course because of Lonn).  Lonn shared with me the idea of staining linens with beet juice.  As he was talking, I was imagining how beautiful it would look.  I loved the idea!  So this is what Lonn taught me…….(Lonn if I write it down incorrectly please don’t think it was your inability to communicate the idea.  I am positive it was my inability to be a good listener!)

  1. Purchase cans of beets with the juice in them (you can make a beet salad with the beets after it is all said and done).
  2. Wash the linen (or whatever natural fabric that you would like to use).
  3. Place the wet linen in a container that won’t be ruined by the color from the beet juice.  The container needs to be large enough to hold the linen, the beet juice, and large enough for you to be able to stir it around to make sure the entire linen is coated and sitting in the juice.
  4. Pour the juice over the linen.  Make sure you have enough juice to completely cover your fabric.
  5. Keep the linen in the juice for several hours up to 24 hours.
  6. Wash the linen.
  7. Let it dry in a place that won’t be dyed by the juice.  Preferably let it dry outdoors.  I would not recommend placing it in your dryer because it could stain your dryer as well as the next load of laundry you dry.
  8. Once dry, if the stain is too light, then repeat the process.

I am going to try this process next weekend and will report back to you my own experience.  Whether it works for me or not, I am grateful for Lonn enriching my life.  If you would like to meet someone who will surely enrich your life, when you are in Colorado Springs stop in Terra Verde and meet Lonn!

Thank you Lonn!

(To learn more about “Terra Verde”, read under the category “Where to Buy”… The article is titled “Terra Verde the best Boutique in Colorado Springs!”)

d Bar Desserts

My family and I usually pick a destination for our vacation.  There are four of us in this decision making process so it takes a few heated discussions to select our destination.  This was not the case this year.

For the past two years my eight year old daughter has been recording every television show that has anything to do with desserts.  Her two favorite shows are Food Network’s  “Challenge” and “Cup Cake Wars”.  My husband and I have allowed her to use all of our memory on our DVD because she wants to become a pastry chef when she graduates from High School.  So this year I came up with the idea that we would stay in town and visit at least one, if not two, dessert shops a day.  Boy was it the vacation to remember!

We started our trip at “d Bar Desserts”.  I called the day we were to visit “d Bar Desserts” and spoke to Lisa (one of the owners and pastry chef’s of d Bar Desserts).  I explained to her that we were spending our summer vacation traveling to the best dessert spots in town in order to show our daughter what it would mean for her to be a pastry chef.  Lisa could not have been any kinder.  She set up a time for my family and I to visit with her and her husband, Keegan (Judge on the “Challenge”) at d Bar Desserts.

When we arrived Lisa and Keegan greeted us at the door.  Keegan spoke to our daughter about their business, what they do on a daily basis, and how they started in the business.  Keegan and Lisa spent more time with us then what we ever anticipated.  We had dinner and dessert.  The kindness they showed, the food that we were served, and the memories they created for my family (especially our daughter) was priceless!

“Life is not a dress rehearsal, so create one exquisite moment a day.”  d Bar Desserts will be the place that will help you create that one “Exquisite moment”!

They are located at:

1475 E 17th Ave

Denver, CO 80218

(303) 861-4710

If you are going to purchase one item to keep you up-to-date with fashion, you must invest in leggings.  They are the hot accessory that will elevate your outfit to another level!  For the past couple of weeks I have been seeing beautiful leggings and every time I have stopped a person to ask where they purchase the leggings from,  it was the same store over and over.  It was Urban Outfitters.  Yesterday I went to Urban Outfitters to see what they had in stock and was blown away (Anyone that knows me, knows that it has to be great in order for me to be blown away when it comes to fashion!).  As soon as I walked in the store the most darling (very fashionable) sales associate greeted me.  Her name is Kaylah.  Yes, of course, she was as pretty and as darling as her name sounds!

Kaylah, was beyond helpful.  I could show her any pair of leggings and she could create an outfit from it.  If you knew how many different designs and colors Urban Outfitters carries, you would be truly impressed by Kaylah!  She not only knew what to pair each legging with, but she also had great vision and creativity.  Kaylah, is essential in the fashion world!  She helps people like me who want to look fashionable but not put any effort towards creating it.  So if you are like me, then Kaylah is the person to see at Urban Outfitters in Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado.  If she is not there on the day you visit, then ask for Chris.  He was extremely kind, gracious, and willing to help.  He would be a great substitute!  Oh I forgot to tell you the leggings were extremely affordable so I bought eight pair!   Blessings to you & your dreams!