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Judge Judy is number one on my top ten list of people that I would like to meet. What I love about Judge Judy is that she is able to take a complex problem and get to the root of the matter. Her world is quite definitive and she doesn’t listen to all of the noise that surrounds her. For example, you are either telling the truth or if it doesn’t make sense, then it is a lie. I have adopt her saying when questioning my children regarding what they have been up to on their iPods. I am able to get the truth most of the time. I also like it that she doesn’t get caught up in the person’s drama. Many times she even says that she doesn’t care about their drama and if they need to discuss it then go on the Dr. Phil show. How many people do you know can get away with saying that to someone who is always surrounding themselves around drama and needs to give detailed information?

Not only have I been entertained by Judge Judy’s sense of humor, but I have learned numerous things. For instance:
* Don’t lend money, instead just give it to the person because they probably won’t be in a position to pay it back.
* Never sign a year lease with another person. If they leave, then you will be stuck with the bill.
* Courts only split up assets if you are a married couple. If you cohabitate, do it at your own risk!
* If you make a legal agreement with someone get it in writing. Don’t rely on a text because your phone may get lost, stolen, or broken and then you won’t have evidence to bring to court.
* Bring your evidence to court because you are not going to the beach!

In the next few weeks I am going to test her theories out on my family and see if I can quiet some of the noise!


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